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Modern Warfare Battle Royale Locations and Loot Items List Leaked

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Infinity Ward is yet to confirm the prospect of Battle Royale within the upcoming Call of Duty installment, even though it seems practically official. References towards Modern Warfare Battle Royale have been discovered within the in-game files on PC, in addition to a full list of locations, and loot items.

VG Sources has exclusively obtained screenshots of lines of code within the PC files which discuss the locations and loot.

Modern Warfare Battle Royale Locations and Loot

There are also references to “Plunder.” It appears as though this will be the cash system for the mode, allowing users to obtain money while they play. Perhaps the money will allow players to purchase cosmetic items within the game.

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Most notably, there appears to be a bank location. This could be where players will be able to deposit their Plunder after acquiring it within a match.

Modern Warfare BR Map Locations

The Modern Warfare Battle Royale map locations are as follows, according to the in-game files.

  • Bank
  • Boneyard
  • Dam
  • Downtown
  • Firestation
  • Gas Station
  • Gulag
  • Gunstore
  • Hospital
  • Layover
  • Lumber
  • Police Station
  • Quarry
  • Storagetown
  • Supercenter
  • Train Yard
  • TV Station

Loot Items Leaked

  • Medical
  • Alcohol
  • Armor
  • Plunder (in-game cash)

There’ll undoubtedly be more loot, although that’s all which has been found within the in-game files thus far.

Most interestingly, some of the items are referred to by their color within the files. This presumably suggests the rarity of an item within Modern Warfare Battle Royale will be portrayed by the color of the item. Similar to other Battle Royale titles, blue probably means rare whereas purple most likely means an epic rarity.

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Numerous other discovered have been made courtesy of the in-game files. VG Sources has also found information regarding the return of Terminal and Shipment within Modern Warfare, in addition to a full list of achievement on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

We’ve also got several more leaks incoming, stay tuned.

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