Next Battlefield Game: Vietnam or Modern Day Era?

Next Battlefield Game Vietnam or Modern Day?

When Call of Duty took a futuristic jump in 2016 with the release of Infinite Warfare, Battlefield fans were hoping for a return to a modern setting to take advantage of Call of Duty’s step backwards.

Unfortunately, developers EA DICE jumped back in time with Battlefield 1 taking a World War 1 setting. Two years later, Battlefield V released returning to the familiar setting of World War 2. However, publishers EA and DICE segregated a lot of their player base with gameplay decisions that had fans ready to skip Battlefield V for the next entry.

For the most part, Battlefield has been coming out on a every two basis contrary to rival Call of Duty. As mentioned fans are looking for a modern setting, but does that mean EA DICE are working on it?

Possible Battlefield 2020 Settings

Two popular settings have surfaced on the Internet regarding the next Battlefield game.

Back in December 2018, a now-deleted Pastebin post popped up pointing towards a new entry in the highly beloved Battlefield: Bad Company series. For those who haven’t played them, the Bad Company series saw a modern setting for the series with Bad Company 2 being regarded as one of the greatest multiplayer experiences in the franchise’s history.

In the post, Battlefield: Bad Company 3 is scheduled to be a PS5 launch title. The PS5 is supposedly going to release in Holiday 2020 which would line up with the possibility of this game being legitimate. However, fans have been begging for a new entry to this series since Battlefield 3, and it seems DICE has no interest ten years later.

The next possible route DICE could go is continue their tour of history and jump to the next major war setting, Vietnam.

This wouldn’t be DICE’s first time with the Vietnam setting as they have previously released Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam which was a multiplayer expansion for Bad Company 2. They also worked on Battlefield Vietnam back in 2004.

Bad Company 2: Vietnam had a great reception for a multiplayer expansion pack, which proves DICE could handle making a great Vietnam setting. However, new reports are saying the next Call of Duty Black Ops game is going to be set during the Vietnam era. Do EA DICE really want that competition?

What Are Fans Hoping For?

It goes without saying fans are hoping for a return to the modern setting. After year of jumping back and forth, a return to modern would do Battlefield a ton of good. After Battlefield V, fans are hoping that DICE will right their wrongs.

It only hurts more seeing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare come out this year. Developer Infinity Ward is trying to take advantage of the lull Battlefield is in by adding in new massive 20v20 (and much more) modes similar to the beloved Conquest mode from Battlefield, and giving their fans a pure modern setting which Battlefield has done so well.


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