Treyarch Lead David Vonderhaar to Disconnect from Call of Duty Franchise?

David Vonderhaar Treyarch Lead Leaving Call of Duty?

It appears as though it might be an end of an era for a popular individual within the Call of Duty community. In a series of cryptic and bizarre tweets, Treyarch’s Game Design Director David Vonderhaar has hinted at stepping away from the Call of Duty franchise.

Vonderhaar has been a familiar person within the community for a while, especially with him directing the Black Ops series to great success. As of recent years, Vonderhaar has been the face of Treyarch. Spending over 14 years at the team, he’s mostly known for his cryptic teasers on Twitter, in addition to providing players with the latest updates for each Call of Duty installment developed by Treyarch.

In a host of since-deleted tweets, which were quickly picked up by fans, Vonderhaar has expressed his doubts on his future working on Call of Duty. These tweets have prompted speculation, with many concerned about the future of development at Treyarch.

Following the CWL World Championship, Vonderhaar claims he was requested to step down from Call of Duty. “I was asked by someone I respect to disconnect my day-to-day with the Call of Duty world I was a part of. I respect that. It makes sense. Before I go… Good luck to all the Call of Duty World League esports heroes.”

David Vonderhaar Disconnect Call of Duty franchise tweet

The tweet seemingly hints at his departure from the franchise, although it no longer exists. Despite what appears to be a tough time for the individual, he continues to praise eSports personalities. “Fwiz, hastr0, H3CZ and many more. (…) It’s a straight-up honor to know you all,” he adds.

Activision is yet to comment on the matter, despite the news spreading ferociously.

Vonderhaar has since expressed his political views, essentially prompting many to be worried about the future of his career.

An official statement from Activision remains to be seen, although this is not the first time there have been concerns regarding internal decisions at Treyarch. An array of reports surfaced recently suggesting Jason Blundell will no longer continue to direct the Zombies experience, but Activision denied these.

There have also been concerns about what this could mean for the heavily rumored Black Ops reboot touted to release in 2020. Activision might divulge into these details if they decide to speak out on the matter. Until then, it’s anyone’s best guess.

SOURCE: ResetEra

UPDATE – 1am BST on August 20th, 2019:

After deleting his account, Vahn has now restored his Twitter profile. Vahn has reassured everyone that he’s doing well, which is the most important thing of course.


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