Fortnite Chapter 2 Battle Pass Trailer Breakdown – Map Changes, New Features & More

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 1 Skins

With Fortnite Chapter 2 leaks now running rampant, we’ve compiled a breakdown of the Battle Pass trailer. The following includes a dive into some of the map changes and new features, which we can expect when we can officially next play the game.

MUST WATCH: Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 1 Battle Pass Trailer

We’ve bullet pointed a series of expected changes, if the leaks are anything to go by. VG Sources have been searching through the trailer, so you don’t have to!

  • There seems to be over 100 levels available as the video showcases level 127.
  • You can drive boats.
  • You can carry downed teammates, making it easier for you to revive them in a safe area.
  • An array of mountains have been featured in the map, which can be climbed.
  • Ziplines, which have been featured in previous seasons, will be making a return.
  • It appears you can swim.
  • Users now have the ability to hide within barrels and dumpsters.
  • Lighthouse POI has been featured.
  • There are emotes available which allow you to get out a Pogo stick, in addition to a fishing rod.
  • Numerous different kinds of battle pass medals, such as Scavenger, Battle, and Survivor.
  • New Battle Pass item: Bandaid Bazooka. According to a new report, it will fire several bandages at your teammates to heal. It looks like a Modified Mini Gun.
  • You can level up gathering materials, opening chests and other ways.
  • There are over 100 rewards which players can receive.
  • Hula Hoops seem to be available as an emote.
  • From what it seems, boats can carry up to four players including one driver.
  • There will be up to 1500 V-Bucks up for grabs within the rewards.
  • Some chests will have a slightly different appearance.
  • The weapons will generally be ones featured before within the game.
  • New Assault Rifle and Shotgun
Fortnite Chapter 2 Battle Pass Skins

Rumored Fortnite 2 Map Locations

According to a supposedly leaked Fortnite Chapter 2 map, the following locations are set to be available. Some of the POIs have been included within prior seasons, whereas others will be allegedly making their debut.

  • Pleasant Park
  • Sunny Shores
  • Holly Hedges
  • Weeping Woods
  • Slurpy Swamp
  • Lazy Lake
  • Retail Row
  • Frenzy Farm
  • Dirty Docks
  • Bleachy Buffs
  • Power Plant
  • Salty Springs
Fortnite Chapter 2 Map

Some of the locations appear to be slightly reminiscent previous ones, even though they don’t necessarily go by the same name. It should also be noted that POIs such as Salty Springs are no longer where they used to be on the Fortnite map.


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