Modern Warfare Cosmetic Weapon Charms Leaked


With the Modern Warfare Beta now in full swing, data miners have been searching through the in-game files on PC. The most recent discovery unveils a list of the cosmetic Modern Warfare weapon charms.

Amazon Listing Confirms Weapon Charms

The prospect of weapon charms was confirmed towards the start of this month, following a new Amazon listing. The listing featured a weapon charm as a pre-order incentive, seemingly confirming their arrival in the upcoming iteration of the franchise.

Modern Warfare Weapon Charm
Weapon Charm from official UK Amazon listing

Weapon charms have made an appearance in many past Call of Duty titles. Infinity Ward first introduced them to Infinite Warfare, with WWII later following suit after the Division Overhaul. The latest installment in the series, Black Ops 4, also received them with a new post-launch update which also included Operation Spectre Rising.

It should be noted that weapon charms are merely a cosmetic tag on users’ weapons. They grant players with no competitive advantage, nor alter the damage or stats.

Datamined Cosmetic Weapon Charms List

Without further ado, the reportedly leaked Modern Warfare cosmetic weapon charms list is as follows:

Modern Warfare Weapon Charms ListModern Warfare Weapon Charms List
Leaked Modern Warfare Weapon Charms (Credit: Reddit u/halflucids)

Infinity Ward is yet to comment on the matter, though as this leak is supposedly pulled directly from the in-game files, it’s probably going to remain pretty accurate.

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This is not the only leak to surface from the in-game files today. Fans have also received a small glimpse at a new Modern Warfare map, in addition to an in-depth video of how Dead Man’s Switch and the Self Revive Field Upgrade work.

FEATURED IMAGE: Weapon Charm example from Call of Duty WWII.


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