How to Pre-Load Modern Warfare on Xbox One, PS4 & PC

Modern Warfare Pre-Load

Preloading for Call of Duty Modern Warfare is now live on Xbox One if you pre-ordered digitally, Activision has confirmed. Those who are looking to play the game as soon as they possibly can may want to take note. If you’re wondering how to pre-load Modern Warfare on PS4, PC and Xbox One, don’t worry because we’ve compiled a guide below.

Unlike previous years, Activision has mentioned that pre-loading will work slightly differently this year. Modern Warfare is split into four packs: Campaign 1, Campaign 2, Multiplayer, and Special Ops.

When Can I Pre Download Modern Warfare?

The times of when pre downloading becomes available will vary depending on your platform and region. As of the writing this, players can only pre-load on Xbox One. However, PS4 and PC presumably will follow suit soon.

How to Pre-Load on Xbox Store

In order to pre-load the game, you’ll need to complete the following steps:

  • Head over to the Xbox One Store.
  • Type in “Modern Warfare” and scroll down to the edition you’ve pre-ordered.
  • If you then click on the version you pre-ordered, it should allow you to pre-load the title.

For PlayStation 4 and PC, the instructions above will be relatively similar. Of course, with the exception of heading over to the Xbox Store.

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Modern Warfare File Size

On console, the total file size is 45GB. It’s quite a different story for PC, however. In a post accompanied by the PC recommended specs, Activision also announced a 175GB requirement for the game.

As this was significantly more than other Call of Duty titles, the company received a fair amount of backlash, but they have recently confirmed that this is merely the space needed for the full installation to take place. The game itself presumably won’t be anywhere near 175GB on PC once downloaded.

Modern Warfare is set to release on October 25, though in some regions you can get your hands on it slightly before if you pre-load the game.


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