Modern Warfare Multiplayer Modes List Leaked

by Daniel Cotton | Last Updated: 29th September 2019

The Modern Warfare Beta has now come to an end, though during its availability partners of VG Sources discovered upon the Multiplayer modes list via the in-game files on PC.

Infinity Ward appears to be providing a slight spin on the Call of Duty franchise with the upcoming iteration. Although the in-game files suggest the return of some classic modes, there are notably references to some entirely new ones.

Modern Warfare Multiplayer Modes Datamine

While some of these references may have been included within the files for merely testing, others might have purely been left over content. That said, the vast majority of the list should still be accurate.

We stress that some of the above can be subject to change or might have been included for testing purposes. There’s also a good chance of the some of the modes arriving as post-launch content.

Modern Warfare Multiplayer Modes Datamine 2

Dataminers close to VG Sources also found references towards ‘Combat Outpost’, though this has been confirmed as a cut game mode. Kill Confirmed 2v2 was also featured in the code, as showcased in the screenshot below.

Modern Warfare 2v2 Kill Confirmed