Modern Warfare Roadmap Revealed, Infinity Ward Says “More Interviews Coming”

by John Esposito | Last Updated: 5th September 2019

We’re now 50 days away from the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, with the beta launching Thursday, September 12th. Developer Infinity Ward has continued to stoke players’ excitement by releasing a road map of what to expect in the coming weeks leading up to the release of Modern Warfare.

Modern Warfare Road to Launch Schedule

Next week marks the start of everything coming together for Modern Warfare. Starting Thursday September 12th, the multiplayer beta opens up for PS4 players only.

Following the end of the first round of beta play on September 16th, Infinity Ward looks to address any concerns on the new Cross Play feature. One of the most important questions is “how will this work?”, and Infinity Ward looks to answer that and many questions gamers have. On September 19th, the second wave of beta play begins with this beta marking the beginning of Cross Play testing and allowing gamers to group up with other platforms. This will end on September 23rd.

Modern Warfare Roadmap

Finally, the end of September and beginning of October will bring the Campaign and Spec Ops premiere that fans have been craving since the reveal of Modern Warfare.

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New Interviews Coming Soon

Anticipation for Call of Duty Modern Warfare has been through the roof as of recently. The community is asking so many questions, and the developers have been as active as ever sharing their excitement and replying to questions.

GameInformer featured Modern Warfare for the month of September and did a marvelous job giving new content for fans to devour. Studio Narrative Director Taylor Kurosaki replied to a fan inquiring if anymore of this type of content was coming, and Kurosaki said “There are more interviews coming, yes. Lots of stuff to share coming up! Let’s all play the beta!”.

Now, what the interviews will entail remains a mystery. Perhaps more information will surface discussing post-launch content, more specifically supply drops and weapons as it’s a hot topic right now in the community. Maybe Infinity Ward could possibly share more feedback about the multiplayer after the community has gotten their hands on it.