Modern Warfare Update 1.10 Patch Notes

by Daniel Cotton | Last Updated: 3rd December 2019

Infinity Ward has released a new update in Call of Duty Modern Warfare on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The latest patch has introduced a host of new additions to the game, including the launch of Season 1. Here are the preliminary Modern Warfare update 1.10 patch notes.

The update is 18.5GB on Xbox One, 18GB on PS4, and 20GB on PC.

Preliminary Modern Warfare Patch Notes for Update 1.10

Most notably, this patch has introduced Season 1, Infinity Ward’s first major addition to the game. Season One comes with an array of different updates, many of which have been detailed below.

For the first time in the franchise, Modern Warfare features its own Battle Pass system. With both a premium and free track, this Battle Pass offers several different cosmetic items up for grabs. The premium version costs around $10, although if you wish to obtain the free one, you can still receive two new weapons alongside COD Points.

Modern Warfare Season 1

In addition to the Battle Pass, Modern Warfare update 1.10 introduces plenty of other changes, including some new maps. The breakdown entailed information of which maps will be available, although some of the following will launch later on in the content season.

New 2v2 Gunfight Maps:

6v6 Maps:

New Ground War Map:

Four New Special Ops:

Two New Weapons:

Two New Operators:

Three New MP Modes:

Alongside Season 1, this patch has also introduced a plethora of bug fixes to the game. These are currently unknown, although we should hear comment on the matter rather soon.

Official MW Season 1 Patch Notes (December 3rd)





Missions and Challenges:

The following are now fixed and have had their descriptions updated as needed


Special Ops