Report: Modern Warfare Won’t Feature a Traditional​ Prestige System

by Daniel Cotton | Last Updated: 17th September 2019

It appears as though another traditional feature won’t be making a return in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. According to a new report, Infinity Ward will be leaving behind the prestige system to introduce a new ranking system.

In recent years, prestige has allowed players to progress even further from level 55. It seems to be time for change, however.

The rumor comes courtesy of TheGamingRevolution, though Infinity Ward is yet to comment on the matter. Although it does seem rather farfetched, the YouTuber claims players are no longer receiving enough pleasure after prestige. Further to this, prestige doesn’t seem to offer players with enough rewards apart from the exception of bragging rights, of course!

Although additional details on the new system remain to be seen, TGR claims players will be more inclined to “grind.” Levels 1 to 55 will be featured within the game still, despite the excecption of prestige. It should also be noted that Infinity Ward is yet to finish and implement the entirely new system.

This could be an excellent decision. It’s fair to say prestige has become somewhat redundant in recent years with many less intrigued. This attempt to rejuvenate the franchise may be acclaimed by many players.

Modern Warfare has been deemed a ‘soft reboot’ of the iconic series. However, the prestige system doesn’t appear to be the only traditional Call of Duty feature Infinity Ward is leaving behind. The developers initially planned to stop including a mini-map, but they are currently re-evaluating this decision following feedback from the Beta. In fact, Infinity Ward added the mini-map into the Beta as a test, even though it never showcased enemy gunfire.

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What are your thoughts on prestige? Would you like to see it make a return or something brand new to help revamp the Call of Duty franchise?