Sony Possibly Hints a PlayStation State of Play With Cryptic Tweet

by Daniel Cotton | Last Updated: 18th September 2019

In the weeks leading up to The Last of Us 2 media event, Sony appears to be preparing for a huge reveal. Sony’s familiar Nintendo Direct styled broadcast, officially known as State of Play, might be making a return within the next few weeks – especially if a new tweet from the official PlayStation UK Twitter is anything to go by.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past month, The Last of Us 2 media event is slated to take place on September 24 in Los Angeles. Hence the name, it will only be available to the media, but whatever it entails will be presumably be revealed to the public at a later date.

It’s fair to say Sony will have some sort of presentation or showcase to unveil the details. And with a PlayStation State of Play heavily touted as of recently, perhaps that will be the perfect opportunity.

The tweet can be found below. Although it doesn’t explicitly say anything, it could certainly be a nod towards an upcoming State of Play showcase.

While some believe this is merely an acknowledgment of the beep sound when turning on the PlayStation 4 console, others assume this has a much deeper meaning.

Most notably, the PlayStation State of Play conference uses the same beep noise as the PS4 startup. As unusual as the tweet may appear, Sony certainly seems to be gearing up for something.

The startup of the latest State of Play, back in May 2019, is as follows. And well, just have a look for yourselves at how reminiscent of turning on the PS4 console it is.

A State of Play has been somewhat of an expected announcement for a while now, especially with @ZhugeEX hinting at more than one PlayStation event this month.

The timing of the tweet also seems to be just too much of coincidence, suggesting a PlayStation State of Play is indeed incoming. That said, Sony is yet to officially confirm anything, so we probably shouldn’t get our hopes up too high.