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Names of Modern Warfare Post-Launch Content Seasons Leaked

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During the worldwide multiplayer reveal for Modern Warfare, publisher Activision went on record announcing that all post-launch content would be free. Activision has repeated this sentiment as we get closer to launch, although what remains to be known is what content the community can expect after launch.

VG Sources has discovered references towards the five post-launch content season names within Modern Warfare, all of which are as follows:

  • Season 1: Broken Arrow
  • Season 2: Cyber Attack
  • Season 3: Bio Warfare
  • Season 4: Home Grown Terrorism
  • Season 5: Climate War
Screenshot of references towards Modern Warfare season names within in-game files on PC

The files do not entail any information on what each season will entail, but we’ll update you if we find any more references to these.

The content is broken down by seasons similar to how Treyarch did seasonal events for Black Ops 4, that will last the game over the course of the year. The first content drop for Black Ops 4 started in December, two months after launch, and brought a new specialist, a new mode for Blackout, and the supply tier system.

Assuming it follows the same format as Black Ops 4, players can expect new content such as weapons and changes across the different modes. For example, Broken Arrow could see the introduction of the fan-favorite crossbow, while Cyber Attack could see a change to the new game mode being included in this year’s multiplayer. Whether it will contain a supply tier system like Black Ops 4 is yet to be seen.

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Note that this is not confirmed. Details can be subject to chanage prior to the game’s release. More information will likely come out as we reach close to the release date of Modern Warfare.

The in-game files suggest Modern Warfare will receives five seasons of new content throughout its life span. Perhaps there will be more, although in the current build of the files they’ve made no appearance.

In addition to this, VG Sources has also discovered the entire list of map names and Battle Royale locations throughout the in-game files.

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