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Sources: Modern Warfare Map List Leaked, Includes Terminal and Shipment

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VG Sources have been digging through the PC in-game files and have received a first look at the Modern Warfare map list. References towards the return of Shipment and Terminal have been discovered, in addition to a host of other classic maps.

Straight off the bat, we stress that Infinity Ward is yet to comment on the matter. Although some maps can be subject to change, the following list has been pulled directly from the Call of Duty Modern Warfare in-game files.

Modern Warfare Map List via Datamining

Gunfight Maps:

  • Cargo
  • Hill
  • King
  • King (Night)
  • Docks
  • Pine
  • Showers
  • Speedball
  • Stack

The in-game files list 8 Gunfight maps, including the night variant of King. Players on PS4 received the opportunity to play five of the Gunfight maps back in August: Docks, Pine, King, Stack, and Speedball. Footage of the others remains to be seen.

Modern Warfare Map list via in-game files
Screenshot of Modern Warfare Map list via in-game files on PC

Game Wide:

  • Aniyah Palace
  • Aniyah Tac
  • Azhir Cave (Night)
  • Azhir Cave
  • Crash
  • Dam
  • Deadzone
  • Varskaya District
  • Euphrates Bridge
  • Faridah
  • Smetna Farms
  • Gulag
  • Hackney Yard
  • Hackney Yard (Night)
  • Lumber
  • Malyshev
  • Milbase 1
  • Milbase 2
  • Neon
  • Petrogad
  • Piccadilly
  • Port 2
  • Noir
  • Prison
  • Gun Runner
  • Gun Runner (Night)
  • Rivne
  • Rust
  • Shipment
  • Shipment (Night)
  • Terminal
  • Slums
  • Spear
  • Spear (Night)
  • Speed
  • Stadium
  • Sub Base
  • Transit
  • Takedown
  • Torez
  • Karst River Quarry

Most notably, the files suggest the return of some all-time from previous games within the Modern Warfare series. Infinity Ward appears to bring back Shipment with a spin, introducing a night variant of the map for the very first time.

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Alongside this, other classics from MW2 seem to be returning, including Sub Base, Rust, and Terminal. Rust was actually pulled from MW2, though almost 10 years later the iconic map appears to be coming back.

It’s unclear as to whether some of these maps were included within the files due to testing purposes. It’s possible some of these are also left over code from IW. Regardless of this, Modern Warfare certainly features more maps than any other Call of Duty title.

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