The Last of Us 2 Was Teased Over 5 Years Ago and Nobody Realized

by Daniel Cotton | Last Updated: 21st September 2019

The Last of Us 2 is often deemed one of the most anticipated sequels to date, though it might have been hiding beneath our eyes the entire time and no one realized.

With The Last of Us reigning as one of the most beloved classics of all-time, Naughty Dog confirmed the prospect of Part 2 back at PSX 2016 on December 3rd. Although that’s almost three years ago, it appears as though fans could have figured out it was coming 2 years before that.

In a post made by Neil Druckmann, Game Director Bruce Straley hinted that The Last of Us 2 was coming. While their comment could have been subject to interpretation 5 years ago, it’s pretty clear as to what Straley was referring to now.

In response to a question, Straley practically confirms that the title will eventually be coming out.

Not only does this suggest The Last of Us 2 was right beneath us, but it also provides more evidence that the sequel has been in development for over 5 years. It appears as though Naughty Dog started development immediately after the Left Behind DLC. However, this might not come as a surprise to some considering the attention to detail featured within the game.

In some respects, The Last of Us Part II might have been a giving. After witnessing the success of the original award-winning Last of Us game, it was a no brainer to release a sequel.

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Naughty Dog’s action-packed adventure is set to be revealed in-depth during the upcoming PlayStation State of Play on September 24th. The title’s release date/window will also be revealed, tipsters have told VG Sources.

Neil Druckmann has somewhat touched on the development of Part 2 for a while. During PSX 2017, Druckmann mentioned that writing was still taking place.