When is The Last of Us 2 Coming Out?

The Last of Us 2 Release Date

As the original Last of Us game approaches its sixth anniversary, fans are eager to hear more about what’s around the corner. The Last of Us 2 release date remains to be seen, although individuals involved with the development appear to have dropped some clues or accidentally let it slip.

The Last of Us Part II Release Date

Suffice to say, there’s no definitive answer as to when the game is coming out. That said, let’s recap some of the most likely possibilities.

To begin with, at this point, it seems all but confirmed that The Last of Us 2 will be coming out following the release of another popular PlayStation exclusive, Death Stranding – which is scheduled to launch on November 8, 2019.

Further to this, it’s fair to say that video game release dates are usually announced at least a few months prior to their launch. While Naughty Dog is yet to comment on The Last of Us 2 release date, those expecting a launch later this year might not be in luck.

Now that’s 2019 seemingly written off, just how long are we going to have to wait? If a series of recent leaks are anything to go by, we might not have to wait too long.

As per industry insider Daniel Ahmad, the highly anticipated sequel is set to arrive in February 2020 with four editions planned. This has also been supported by Jason Scheier and seemingly Ashley Johnson. Known for taking on the role of Ellie in the series, the actress nearly spilled the beans, and well, just watch for yourselves.

To the contrary, a new rumor claims the title will launch in May 2020 with a PlayStation State of Play slated for November 1st, 2019. Although there’s not much concrete evidence to corroborate this, there’s a chance Naughty Dog decided to push back the game even further with a release initially planned for February.

After piling up all of the rumors and leaks, however, it seems as if February is the most likely option – although this is far from confirmed.


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